Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just a will. It is a detailed plan to ensure all of your wishes are carried out.

It's never too early for estate planning. Whether you are just starting your family or you're closer to retirement, we can help you carry out your wishes and make sure your family and loved ones are taken care of. Estate planning is more than a will, It is peace of mind.

Wills and Trusts

Proper planning in advance can alleviate many unnecessary complicating issues for yourself and your loved ones.

A trust can assign a hand-picked third party to take care of your assets in the event you are not able. A trust can provide for your underage children, for your assets and for any special needs loved ones. We can explain the many benefits of setting up a trust during your estate planning. We can also provide direction to anyone who has been appointed as an exectutor or trustee.

Elder Law

Long term care can be expensive. If not properly planned for, the financial effects can be devastating.

While no one likes to think about long term care, the reality is that it can be very expensive. There are several ways to plan in advance for yourself and for your loved ones so that if the time comes, there will be no surprise expenses or potentially demeaning experiences. We can help by explaining your rights and your options. We tailor a plan based on your specific needs and situation. We can pre-plan for the future "what ifs" or assist you in a crisis situation if you need immediate help addressing nursong home costs.

Additional Practice Areas

In addition to Estate Planning and Elder Law, Uotinen Law offers an array of Business Law services. We can assist you with the creation and formation of any business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Some of the services we provide include:

  • LLC's
  • Sub S corporations
  • Employment agreements
  • Non solicitations and non compete agreements
  • Non disclosure agreements
  • Basic contract work
  • Registered agent services
Call to make an appointment to discuss your business law inquiries and needs.